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Trust Administration

In spite of the fact that court supervision is required from time to time, direction from an accomplished probate lawyer with an in depth knowledge of trust law can help you allocate resources thoughtfully and effectively, maintaining a strategic distance from lawful pitfalls in your work as trustee

Trust Litigation

In the event that your legacy has been influenced by a kin or other individual unduly impacting your helpless parent in the creation or alteration of their trust, then it might be proper to challenge the terms of the trust.

Probate Administration

Probate might be long, with many points of interest to be gone to by the agent. Since probate includes the court framework, legitimate guidance is particularly proper with the goal that you can be completely prepared for the process in front of you.

Probate Litigation

The probate procedure can be mishandled by misrepresentation or straightforward human mistake, all of which can bring about budgetary turmoil and problems with family members. As a bequest's recipient, you can ask that the court intercede and reestablish order.